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Full School Search

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When providing our full school search service, we aim to make the selection and application process a smooth and straight forward exercise. We understand that moving to a new country, or moving to a new area within the same country can be daunting, and that the education area is just one that a family would need to address. For that reason we provide support during the whole search process, from suggesting suitable schools right up until a place is offered.

We can assist in the following ways:

  • Initial Consultation

We would speak to the parents and suggest schools that would be suitable for their children in the areas in which they would like to live. We have extensive knowledge of all the different education sectors in the UK, and can advise on the best schools all around the country, not just London and the Home Counties.

  • School Research

With the information gathered from the consultation, we would contact schools in the area to enquire about their current availability and, if required, organise visits to the schools for both parents and children.

  • Application

We will make sure that all necessary paper work for application is sent to you (either through the post or electronically) and be on hand to assist in parts that you might not understand. We can also arrange times for examinations and further interviews if necessary. We will keep on top of your schedule, giving you clear instruction on when registration has to be completed, and when application fees and deposits need to be paid to ensure the we give the child the best possible chance of successful application.