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It is most important that children are placed into Nursery from the age of two and a half. Unlike other countries this is not a play process and although elements of experimental and educational play are involved, it is conducted in a structured and learning environment.

In the UK, at this age, the Reading and Writing process will begin

It might, to many, coming from outside the UK seem extraordinary that the most prestigious and successful 'Pre-Preps' will require a child of only four years of age to be tested in order to obtain a place - but they do and delay can be critical.

In one of the busiest areas, registration is a priority. In Kensington and Chelsea there are 51 Nurseries at the moment and all are fully subscribed with waiting lists. Places do become available and it is essential to be fully conversant with the localised movement.

New and potentially good nurseries are regularly being launched but those with established reputations, naturally have long waiting lists.

Local knowledge and a reputable consultant can provide sound advice in these areas.