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Starting the Process

It is important to register a pupil as soon as possible and that includes payment of the registration fee, which is non-refundable.

Parents coming to the UK need to bear in mind that some schools have hundreds of applicants for few places and many British parents will automatically register with a number of schools and therefore allow themselves a higher chance of securing a place of their choice.

You are respectfully advised that queue jumping, favours or monetary offerings are never acceptable. No matter from which school your child comes, they will be fairly considered and assessed, upon their ability amongst their peers within the school and nothing else.

The British are renowned for their patience in queuing and that is true of our schools. Although no one would wish to appear flippant in any dealings concerning education, it is always sensible to remember one senior Head who always informs over-zealous parents, "It would not make any difference if you were the Queen of England, your child would not jump our list". One is at least assured of fairness for all.