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State Education in the UK

In order to assist and guide the expatriate seeking relocation, it is of considerable benefit to understand, when arriving in the UK that State Education is quite unlike any other in the world. It is not only useful but also vital, that parents are aware of some of the complexities of the system.

In the USA for example, when moving into an area, pupils are entitled to a place at the local school. The Education Board is required by law to provide that place. In some areas such as, for instance, East Lyme in Connecticut the town spends some 75% of its budget on the provision of schools and education, hence the determination of people to move into that specific location.

In the UK although the phrase is of "parental choice" variations in provision are manifold.

Most parents when coming into the UK have heard that there are some excellent schools in the State Sector - indeed in some cases those State Schools can and have dramatically out-performed some of the Independent establishments.

Forward-looking parents, plan ahead and find out the names of good State Schools and decide where they hope that their children will be able to attend. In order to assist parents and to help them avoid disappointment and confusion from the outset, it is hoped that some of the following information will be of some use. Additionally the use of an Education Consultant with local knowledge and established links with schools will be of considerable benefit to facilitate the process.