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Geographical Considerations

In some areas such as Bishops Stortford, to give one example, there are some excellent State Schools, likewise in both counties of Hertfordshire and Essex, which surround the town. There are, however, no places available for an 11 year old in any of those top schools owing to the high density of population. Parents, by determination or necessity, who wish to live in these areas could find themselves in a situation where their child will be attending a school with a less impressive GCSE pass rate (34% to cite one example). In Buckinghamshire, where Grammar Schools are still in operation, a pupil might find themselves in a State School , with a GCSE pass rate of only 19%, if they have been unable to secure a place in one of the Grammar Schools.

In the areas in which Grammar Schools still operate - Buckinghamshire, Barnet and parts of Kent, to name a few, they will consider allowing candidates to take an entrance examination. Parents should note that in this instance the LEA will place pupils in the nearest Secondary School until they are able to take the examination, it is eventually marked and indeed, until a place may become available. Such a place could be any of the schools in the area including those of a less desirable, academic standard.

In some areas where there are large numbers of pupils on the waiting list, schools will not consider any candidate for entry into the school before the age of 16 and GCSE results can be checked. The school will fill any space, which becomes unexpectedly vacant by referring back to 11+ examination grades of prospective entrants on that waiting list.

If a family has to place both a Secondary School child and a Primary School child into education it is prudent to establish the older child first as the availability of Primary School places tends to greater.