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Local Education Authorities

The LEA's are a powerful body and set down their own rules of procedure. In some cases they will insist on each entrant and their parents speaking to an Expatriate Advisor who will interview the child and then decide on which schools they will advise and those with available places.

In some areas the family may be required to speak directly with the schools and the LEA will only become involved if problems arise finding a place. In this circumstance, there may be a conflict between the LEA pupil target numbers for a particular school and the organizational strategies within that school. This can result in the situation that another child cannot be admitted without the appointment of another teacher.

Other authorities will insist on parents dealing directly with their Admissions Department and one should be aware that the LEA Admissions Teams understand the different strategies parents are prepared to utilise in order to obtain places. Admission Teams simply adhere to legislation and the constraints imposed upon them.

Parents need to be aware of the type of schools which exist, what their admissions policies are and to whom one should actually be speaking. An Education Consultant will be invaluable in guiding parents new to an area.