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Reception Pupils (4 Years Old)

Reception age children and Year 1 (5 years old) are also very important and finding them a good place also requires patience and time. The law states that a child must attend school from the September in which he or she has reached 5 years of age. Every child in the UK must be in full time education by the age of 5 (that means 5 on the 1 st September in the year in which they are 5 years of age. The date "1 st September" is non-negotiable.

In some areas, for example Camden (Hampstead) and Kensington and Chelsea the schools are, by this time, very full indeed and heavily oversubscribed. Waiting lists in some areas are long and rigidly adhered to; this does not mean to say that places cannot be found but guidance and flexibility are essential. Patience and a good adviser can be a great asset to the incoming family.

The Government have now legislated that all children of the age of 4 (Reception Year) are entitled to Free State Education, naturally this has meant that parents have taken the opportunity to enrol their children early and again places in the best schools are highly sought after.